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Concern 3. That the Double Taxation Convention between France/UK is reviewed so that it is no longer used to discriminate against the British ex-Government pensioner.


Details on which pensions are exportable for taxation to France can be viewed via this link and one may also download a form to arrange this procedure click here.


A petition was sent on August 17th 2009 to the EU Committee on Petitions.

The details of this petition can be viewed via this link –click.

The final reply to this petition was negative. See Reply    There is no further pursuance along this avenue.  Even if the EU Commission cannot perceive that any EU regulation (i.e freedom of movement) is flouted, the fact remains that discrimination certainly occurs.  Correspondence with HMRC on this is not dead.


The pensions of British ex-Government employees are taxed in the UK under the terms of the Double Taxation Convention.  This has two unfortunate effects on the Briton living in France.

1. The French take this income into consideration when calculating the tax on any income derived in France.  That would seem fair enough – BUT.

2.  No tax rebates can be obtained on such tax from the French authorities.

This means that were you to need home helps; were you so minded to support French Charities; you can get no tax rebates on these expenditures.

3. If you have no income arising in France and your UK-OAP is relatively small, then you will pay more income tax than a comparable French citizen.

This constrains the expenditure of the Briton resident in France. He/She can not live his/her life in France in the same manner as a French person.  This itself causes a contravention of Article 25 of the Convention.

The Double Taxation Convention is an archaic instrument which acts against the interests of the European (in this case the British) citizen.

The UK Government is bound to intervene in our interest – Article 26 of the same Convention-.  This it fails to do.


Recent correspondence – click on the links below


1. A letter to chase previous letters to Mr. Thomas – Tax Treaty Team - London

2. Letter from Chris Walker Assistant Private Secretary to the Treasury  April 27th

3. Reply from BVC (Blog Organiser) to the above letter May 16th 2009   

This letter continues an analysis and argument in detailed reference to the Double Taxation Convention, why my stand is just.

4. Chasing letter to Mr. Richard Thomas tax treaty team June 21st 2009-06-20

5. Reply from Mr. R. Thomas to 4.   He makes various points which display an ignorance of the interpretation of the law.

6.  Letter to Mr. Thomas correcting his observations.

7. Further letter on December 2nd 2009


Nottingham CAR (they deal with expatriate taxation who receive ‘Government’ pensions)

1. Chaser letter of June 21st.    A courteous reply was received which supported my position on the payment of pensions.  The very same is not supported by Mr. Thomas –see 5 above.



French Authorities

1. To the French Authorities – M. ComoletTirman - Paris February 09

2. Chasing letter to the French Authorities (no reply received to 1. above). May 16th 09 – (in French)

3. Further chasing letter to M. ComoletTirman  June 21st 2009

No reply has as yet come from Paris.



 [Write to Address 4. – find this on the ‘Addresses’ link via the main blog site - , as well as to any other address, on this subject.]


YOU and the DOUBLE TAXATION CONVENTION Explained ... click here.

'The absurdity of the Government Pensions' - view the posting of 29th January

OECD – Does it know what it is doing?  Posting of 6th July - view

TAXING THE EX-GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE  (Teachers, Fire, Police, Military, local authority staff etc.)

Try the spreadsheet for calculation of French tax vis-à-vis UK tax.   This is an experimental  effort.  But it shows the effect of  the  inability to benefit from French tax rebates.

On the Main Blog site  ……..SEE Posting of March 1st  “Extract of letter to Mr. Timms MP – Financial Secretary to the Treasury.”


Mark Harper MP  and Roger Gale MP have both been kept informed of all correspondence on this issue.


The following blunt email was sent by Brian Cave on February 23rd as follows:-

To  Mr. Richard Thomas,
Tax Treaty Team,
100 Parliament Street,
London SW1A 2BQ

Tel:- 02071472716

Dear Mr. Thomas,

One statement suffices to test and prove the correctness of my arguments.  If I were to renounce my British Citizenship and accept French Nationality, then...  My Teacher's Pension is exportable for taxation to France.  And   My tax burden would be greatly reduced and perhaps eliminated.

The current Interpretation of the Double Taxation Convention is not in my interest.   Will you act in the interests of the British Citizen?   

Various 'postings' on the blog relate to this objective.

Read, then exercise your political power. Write to your MP, a Minister, the Chancellor, or the Bank of England. Their addresses are accessible from the blog..